петък, 13 април 2012 г.

BBS RS and a simple 240sx ^^

Between, i have some god damn nasty problems with the widebody, so if there is a volunteer that can send me a nice perfectly fitting widebody... i would be grateful! ^^

четвъртък, 15 март 2012 г.


Hey guys! It's been a long time since i posted something about GTA, and yeah i am kind of back in modding. ^^  But i gotta remember the "skills" hehe... And i have to change the winter look on the blog >.>

четвъртък, 12 януари 2012 г.


Hi guys! I think i know that everybody thinks that i have stopped modding, and there is some true about that. Since i dont have any ideas ("muse") for cars i dont make any cuz u guys know - when u dont feel the car and know how it will look, u cannot make it look beautiful. So that's all for now, maybe i will do a car soon if i get any ideas... ^.^

PS: dont really have time cuz of school so "soon" will probably be like months later ...

неделя, 1 януари 2012 г.

Happy New Year!!

Hi guys, wanted to greet you with the new 2012 year! I hope all of you are full with luck this year and have some awesome moments in work, love and social life! =]

неделя, 23 октомври 2011 г.

Driver: San Francisco update

The last weeks i've played this game not so constantly but enough to gather the 140 vehicles available in the whole game. Completed some dares and challenges and here is the savegame file.

download: http://www.mediafire.com/?ni58v72agyf1ltz

Edit: btw idk how but it has 1 download in a few seconds o.o people are so fast... xd

понеделник, 17 октомври 2011 г.

Driver: San Francisco

Recently i downloaded Driver: SF and i really liked it, so today i finished the game and some other challenges and decided to put my save game for download since there is no other on the internet...
download: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?80u086kzly7llh1

понеделник, 10 октомври 2011 г.

събота, 8 октомври 2011 г.

Eliaajz the ultimate little kid ^^

You guys will get what i mean when you see bellow a chronology from skype between me and him (eliaajz) ^^
[15:20:46] *** Прехвърляне от -      Велинов The Unstoppable` ;] на WOW.png ***
[15:20:48] -      Велинов The Unstoppable` ;]: lookk
[15:20:49] -      Велинов The Unstoppable` ;]: :O
[15:21:21] -      Велинов The Unstoppable` ;]: i luv my golf :D
[15:21:35] Eliaajz | 3d works: i'm doing an s13 lol
[15:21:40] -      Велинов The Unstoppable` ;]: xd
[15:21:48] -      Велинов The Unstoppable` ;]: you want any parts of mine or not :D
[15:21:55] Eliaajz | 3d works: nice enb
[15:22:08] Eliaajz | 3d works: brb shower
[16:19:28] Eliaajz | 3d works: hi fag.
[16:19:29] *** Прехвърляне от Eliaajz | 3d works на IMG_08102011_151938.png ***
[16:19:29] Eliaajz | 3d works: Enjoy.
[16:20:34] -      Велинов The Unstoppable` ;]: fag?? F U
[16:20:52] Eliaajz | 3d works: thats my s13
[16:21:04] -      Велинов The Unstoppable` ;]: i have the 240sx and s13 from forza4
[16:21:06] -      Велинов The Unstoppable` ;]: xd
[16:21:10] Eliaajz | 3d works: really+
[16:21:10] Eliaajz | 3d works: SEND
[16:21:18] Eliaajz | 3d works: SEND BOOTH
[16:21:43] -      Велинов The Unstoppable` ;]: ask itakha ^^
[16:21:45] Eliaajz | 3d works: no
[16:21:47] Eliaajz | 3d works: send me
[16:21:47] Eliaajz | 3d works: as
[16:21:51] Eliaajz | 3d works: itakha is from germany
[16:21:53] Eliaajz | 3d works: and his net sucks
[16:21:54] Eliaajz | 3d works: to transfer to me
[16:22:04] -      Велинов The Unstoppable` ;]: wait
[16:24:18] Eliaajz | 3d works: send me the 2400sx
[16:24:21] Eliaajz | 3d works: and i'll reward you
[16:24:29] -      Велинов The Unstoppable` ;]: with wut cake? ;D
[16:24:36] Eliaajz | 3d works: Awesomesauce
[16:24:36] Eliaajz | 3d works: trust me
[16:25:49] -      Велинов The Unstoppable` ;]: [16:25:26] -      Велинов The Unstoppable` ;]: btw should i send
[16:25:33] -      Велинов The Unstoppable` ;]: eliaajz the 240sx?
[16:25:33] Erik :O: no ill do it
[16:25:39] Erik :O: he wants me to show it :DD:
[16:25:50] Eliaajz | 3d works: or never mind
[16:25:52] -      Велинов The Unstoppable` ;]: ;d
[16:25:59] Eliaajz | 3d works: you cant keep a secret or shit
[16:26:35] Eliaajz | 3d works: if you could send me as a secret
[16:26:38] Eliaajz | 3d works: you'll get a reward
[16:26:44] Eliaajz | 3d works: but itakha requires like 10 of my mods
[16:26:45] Eliaajz | 3d works: ^^
[16:26:56] Eliaajz | 3d works: now you'll go tel him that becuz you dont know what friendship means sometimes lol1
[16:27:10] -      Велинов The Unstoppable` ;]: well i am friends with him too so yeah ;]
[16:27:23] -      Велинов The Unstoppable` ;]: and i'm not a snitch so ^^
[16:27:25] Eliaajz | 3d works: Tell me what you want from me?
[16:27:29] Eliaajz | 3d works: because
[16:27:35] Eliaajz | 3d works: i aint sending itakha 10 parts
[16:27:48] -      Велинов The Unstoppable` ;]: i don't want anything
[16:28:50] Eliaajz | 3d works: FUcking snithcher
[16:28:52] Eliaajz | 3d works: go to hell :)
[16:31:54] Eliaajz | 3d works: hi fag
[16:31:59] Eliaajz | 3d works: unless you want ur mods spread
[16:32:06] Eliaajz | 3d works: any last wishes?
[16:33:04] -      Велинов The Unstoppable` ;]: i don't care for my mods ^^ and yeah i'm not a fag so go suck some dicks and be gay as you always going to be ^^
[16:33:08] -      Велинов The Unstoppable` ;]: chya
[16:33:11] *** -      Велинов The Unstoppable` ;] блокира Eliaajz | 3d works. ***

and between the time we chatted Itakha sended me what eliaajz said
[16:29:59] Erik :O: [15:29:35] eliaajz: how to convert?
[15:29:47] eliaajz: btw
[15:29:48] eliaajz: tell lexani
[15:29:50] Erik :O: just like fm3
[15:29:52] eliaajz: I'll share some of his mods :)
[15:29:56] eliaajz: just to make time go faster.

So yeah, i don't know if you are going to keep trusting him or something but i am totaly going to ignore this little kid...

четвъртък, 22 септември 2011 г.

Wedssport MA86

Keisuke- for converting it from NFS: Shift2
mimi- for rim dish
tatsuo- for bolts and disc
                                                                         Wedssport MA86

Volk TE37v

Keisuke- for converting it from NFS: Shift2
mimi- for rim dish
tatsuo- for bolts
                                                                 Volk TE37v

сряда, 14 септември 2011 г.

long time since i've posted something >.>"

S13 with my shitty replica of mimi's Work Meister wheel... " in zmodeler it looks alot more cooler ^^
soon i will post some new things from my 240sx

петък, 2 септември 2011 г.

varial versions

Sorry for not posting, but i have some unknown internet problems >.>" soo since i didn't have internet i maked a couple of paintjob versions for my rally version of the Levin xd... but i have pics only for 2 of them and i'm lazy so expect more soon ;dd ( sorry for the bad wheels on the hatsune miku one but i didn't have an idea for a fast pic so ;d )
dirty one xd
hatsune miku <3 xdd

сряда, 31 август 2011 г.

събота, 13 август 2011 г.

s13 paintjob

well i got inspired and i will use photoshop quite frequently and i will make a new paintjob for my car xd

helmet texture

today i was soo into biking stuff that i turned on photoshop and made a texture for the fullface helmet xd there will be a downloadable .txd file soon =] oh and you stealers don't worry it wont run with your normal txd file >.>

петък, 12 август 2011 г.

S13 with paintjob XDDD

This is my first try to make a paintjob in GTA xd pics:
the paintjob is made by me xdd i know that it sucks but it is a first try ;d